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Our tours of £ód¼

We invite you to visit £ód¼! We have many themed tours of the city on offer, including:

  • INDUSTRIAL EMPIRE - discover a city that was built virtually from scratch in the beginning of the 19th century thanks to textile industry and more precisely thanks to enterprising manufacturers, who left the cityscape full of factories, palaces and villas. You will visit some 'jewels' of the 19th century architecture and get to know the 'empires' of Karol Scheibler and Izrael Poznański - the German and Jewish millionaires, described in W³adys³aw Reymont's 'The Promised Land'.
  • CITY OF FOUR CULTURES - you will find out how within just a few decades £ód¼ turned from a provincial town into a thriving metropolis, where Poles, Germans, Jews and Russians mixed to create a very multicultural place. History has changed much, but you can still discover many traces left  by these cultures. We will show you the biggest Jewish cemetery in Europe, but also many hidden corners that tell the mysteries of £ód¼.
  • HOLLY£ÓD¬ - the name refers to the important role of £ód¼ in the Polsh film industry. We will show you the only Museum of Cinematography in Poland, the local version of the "Walk of Fame" and also some sites that played a part in the movies - those obvious and the less obvious ones, including David Lynch's "Inland Empire". £ód¼ is also home to the famous Film School, where many Polish film directors started their career, including Roman Polański, Andrzej Wajda, Krzysztof Zanussi and many others...
  • £ÓD¬ BY NIGHT - the city has become known in Poland for its vibrant nightlife centered around Piotrkowska Street (one of the longest commercial streets in Europe) and 'Manufaktura'  - probably the best commercial and cultural complex in Europe! Let us guide you through the city that gains a new look and allure at night!

For business clients, we can organize their stay in £ód¼ from A to Z, including:

  • booking air tickets
  • transfers from the airport
  • booking hotels at good rates
  • organizing conferences, company reunions, parties and recreational activities
  • guided tours of £ód¼ in the language of your choice
  • interpreting and translating services in major European languages

Go to £ód¼! you will discover a fascinating place!

by Jacek Tomaszewski 2009
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